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Based out of Québec City, Canada, Beau People Vintage was founded in 2009 by vintage enthousiasts Mel and Ari. We are dedicated to reselling cherry picked vintage wear from the past century. Our goal is to offer a fashionable and ecofriendly alternative to our independant minded clientele.

What is vintage?

Vintage products are pre-loved garments from the past decades which means each piece is unique and has it's own history. We put a great deal of effort in bringing you the finest, au gout du jour, vintage clothing that crosses our path, from the 40's to the early 90's avant-garde creations. When choosing an item for our store, we, of course, select it for it's style and flavor, but we put extra attention on details like quality, condition and cleanness of the garment. Our vintage products are all inspected and carefully washed right when they arrive at our office so you can enjoy your new-old clean piece right out of the box! Since clothing and accessories sold on this site are pre-worn, it means they might show a little bit of wear at some places. We will always mention any visible imperfections on the item's description

Why buy vintage?

There are tons of great reasons why to purchase a vintage garment. On the fashion argument, vintage offers unique and one of a kind opportunities to express yourself and show off you own flavor in the crowds of "chain store styled" people. The cycles come and go, and vintage products always have their time to shine again. Plus, buying vintage helps reduce your imprint on the environment because you do not encourage production of new poor quality garments. It is an eco-friendly activity that doesn't contribute in supporting unethical sweatshops overseas or extra polluting garment factories. Yes! Dressing green is fashionable

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